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Diversity! Interactive Exhibition on Tolerance

For children from 2 to 12 years of age and their parents

Eight uniquely designed rooms offer thought-provoking and creative activities that will challenge kids to examine the value of diversity between people, in nature, and among all things.

Raum der NaturRaum der GefühleRaum der Beziehungen

  Nature Emotions Friendship

While testing their senses kids can feel fuzzy and scratchy things, decipher an acoustic marble memory game, or touch invisible hands.

Accurately interpreting the feelings of others is not that easy, so children can test their perception on a puzzle of rotating facial parts that lend expression: How do the eyes, nose, and mouth change when someone is afraid or angry?

Everyone is different and thus has the right to develop according to her/his personality! This is the credo of the room "Diversity in Development." Here small children can practice zipping and unzipping or climbing around while their parents learn the importance of allowing children time for such activities. In the Kindergarten Model Room are numerous ideas for incorporating the diversity of children's personalities into the kindergarten's daily routine.

In the beetle laboratory visitors can observe and draw the world's most species-rich genus: the beetle. A game about real and fake orchids reveals the wonder in the diversity of the plant world.

The installations made by kids, artists, and designers foster their perception of themselves as well as of others. Empathy, respect, and tolerance are strengthened in playful and artistic activities. A call for terms of tolerance complements the Internet project "Codes of Tolerance," a blog Berlin school children filled with their own survey results and drawings. It is a website dedicated to gathering and publishing ideas for tolerance from children all over the world.

Diversity! Travelling exhibition

The travelling exhibition opened in Berlin in January of 2008 is currently touring throughout Germany.

More information:
phone: +49-30-36460869
cell phone: +49-170 8376535

Diversity! Suitcases

Accompanying the exhibition are two colorful suitcases bursting with things to discover and create. They were developed for the European Year of Equal Opportunity for All 2007 and can be borrowed by kindergarten and elementary schools.

The exhibition is organised by "Mit allen Sinnen lernen e. V."
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